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Are you constantly trying to stir up new ways to draw in new clients? Or, do you want to build more meaningful relationships with your existing clients? Effectively using your social media pages is a great way to tackle both of these goals.

With over 25 million Canadians actively using social media, this is a great tool for connecting and interacting with new and existing clients. Building a strong social media page can help you bring legitimacy to your brand, hold greater control in developing your reputation and, give you a competitive advantage. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some great tips to help you build your best social pages!


#1 – Know What Platform is Right for You

When it comes to social media, there are a lot of different options to choose from. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are just a few of the many different platforms used by Canadians. Although it can be tempting to want to have a presence on each platform, that just isn’t realistic, or effective. It’s best to choose 1 or 2 platforms and dedicate your time to making these pages as strong as possible. Understanding who your clients are will guide you in choosing which platform is best. Obviously, you to want to be where your clients are. From our experience, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best channels for Mortgage Brokers right now.


#2 – What are Your Goals?

When building your social pages, sit down and think about what you want to accomplish with your page. Are you looking to attract new clients, define your reputation or build deeper connections with your community? Knowing what your goals are will help you decide what content to post and how to best leverage your page.


#3 – Find Your Strategy

There are different ways to approach social media. Finding what you are comfortable with is important when defining your strategy and will help you convey an authentic and likeable page. For those of us who love being in front of the camera, live-streaming or posting video stories with you talking directly to your followers can be a great way to develop a more intimate relationship with your followers. For the more camera shy, dedicating days to different types of posts can be another way to build your strategy. Market stats Monday, testimonials Tuesday, etc. is a fun way to keep clients engaged and let them know what to expect from your account.


#4 – Content, Content, Content

At the end of the day, people will only follow social accounts that provide content they find meaningful and useful. To make sure you are putting out relevant content, it is a good idea to think about the customers you know, and what they typically like, questions they have, etc. You could also look at the accounts of other Brokers with great social pages and see what they are posting for some inspiration. If you’re still stuck, some great posting options include, explaining key terms, answering common questions, product news, blog posts, client reviews, etc.


#5 – Interact!

Social media is called social for a reason. People want to interact with one another! Responding to comments on your posts, following other members of your community, etc. are great ways to help make sure you are getting the most from the social aspect of these platforms. Taking time to directly engage with people allows you to build those deep relationships that keep clients loyal to you!


These tips should provide you with a great starting point for launching your social accounts. For some more in-depth advice or a free consultation, reach out to!







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