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Hi. Thanks for stopping by Sidepart! We don’t do hair – we do digital. And we’re shaking things up by bringing a fresh perspective and new possibilities to your business. The creative genius and business savvy of people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Meg Whitman inspire us to move beyond the traditional and explore new ways of doing digital things… kind of like updating your beehive to a bob, or your bowlcut to a sidepart.


Same Same, but Different

 Our Digital Consulting team has a varied background — sales, software engineering, machine learning, finance and marketing — so we have a unique and well-rounded perspective on how digital is changing the world, and what you need to know to supercharge your digital presence. Despite our different career paths, we all share the same two core values: curiosity and a healthy appetite for learning.

Our blog brings a fresh perspective on the “need-to-knows” of how digital continues to impact the world in general — and your business in particular.

Cutting to the Chase

Each month, we’ll feature two articles on:
– Current trends
– Emerging tools and strategies

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Let’s Do This

Tell us what you’d like to know about digital strategy: tools, technologies and techniques. In turn, we’ll research and share valuable resources with you.

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